Live Tweeting the Feingold / Johnson Debate

Here were my posts @jef4wi

# In honor of the 2008 debates. Maverick = Drink!

# Russ Feingold just took Johnson to town on Stem Cells.

# The Australian Free Trade Agreement involved dairy. Feingold was against it.

# Ron Johnson's twitter feed says raising the FICA level is raising taxes on the 'American People' - Truth: it's 10% making over $100K

# Ron Johnson: I would never vote to have people like me pay more for your social security.

# Engebretsen needs to read the Social Security trustees report.

# Feingold on millionaires in the Senate: "Bazinga!"

# I read the Constitution a good 45 years before Ron Johnson.

# Ron Johnson: I came from the Tea Party.

# Who is this WFDL joker?

# The Ron Johnson Educational Record: read the Bell Curve and letch.

# Shout out to Renewegy! Go stimulus!

# Sunspots are taking my healthcare.

# Ron Johnson, your daughter was treated in a government hospital by a government doctor.

# Did he really just ask a question with the GOP tested slogan in it.

# Fact check, Moody's said the stimulus kept unemployment down 5%.

# Ron Johnson: Poor people were about to get my healthcare. I couldn't stay on the sidelines.

# Dear WI, we in Oshkosh apologize.

# Ron Johnson: Incredibly wealthy person willing to spend his incredible wealth to defend the incredibly wealthy.

# Lets get ready rumb... well, debate.

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