Live Tweeting the Feingold / Johnson Debate

The question I wish was asked: Is that Gousha's real hair?

I'm pretty sure Russ won that one. Not that the WFRV audience would know.

Three debates, Johnson uses the same close every time.

Johnson: we need to cut the deficit, but keep spending on expensive ineffective defense systems.

How long til they find an undocumented worker at Pacur? Seems to happen to Johnson every time he takes a stand.

Russ is really on the offense.

Another citizen that knows more than Ron Johnson! Reagan raised taxes, Bush 1 raised them more.

If tax cuts work, why did Reagan then raise taxes?.

Ron Johnson keeps complaining about the number of pages in bills. Why is he against the paper industry?

A flat tax with a rebate to 150% of poverty is a good proposal. My opinion only.

Sure, buy across state lines, then we don't have to cover expensive autistic children in WI.

I am psyched that Russ is proud of health care. I am too.

Johnson: we did not need a health care bill. I was already getting the best govt health care.

Ron Johnson: local teachers should teach, just not be paid.

Too bad Ron Johnson's father-in-law wasn't a farmer too.

Russ: I don't avoid people or situations...

Wait, Russ said health care bill, Johnson said stimulus.... What question did Johnson answer?

Only a disciplined businessman can cut social security and wages.

WFRV sucks for not showing this live.

This lady is smarter than Ron Johnson.

Specific proposal: "possibly, as an option" -Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson will not pay more taxes to secure your Social Security!


Wait? The stimulus bill that passed in 2009 caused the 2007 housing crash?

Ron Johnson: I promise to sign only bills with a small number of pages.

I think Ron Johnson is falling apart in front of our eyes. Breathe Ron, breathe...

Ron Johnson has ignored 17% of WI counties.

I don't know many small businessmen that have $10 million to buy a senate seat.

I will not spend more money because Ron Johnson gets a tax cut.

Feingold doesn't demonize businesses, he demonizes selfish businessmen.

Ok, government can only spend money in the private sector. Govt does not buy products and services from govt.

Ron Johnson hates teachers, firefighters and policemen.

Ron Johnson: Career politicians are ok if they agree with me.

I just approved contracts to 6 or more local contractors through the stimulus program.

Ron Johnson: Debt is an issue, so I can't pay more taxes.

Ron Johnson doesn't know about the middle class or homeless vets, but knows that the wealthy need more breaks: http://goo.gl/Mf8P

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