Great Analysis On Bush Incompetence:

Harsh but true analysis from today's Altercation:

If I were the kind of blogger who ran contests, I’d have an essay contest today asking people to write in and explain which of the following two stories is the more perfect representation of the Bush Administration’s overall approach to the rest of the world. Is it this one, in which we learn that the administration’s toleration and encouragement of corruption in the conduct of its unnecessary and counterproductive war is actually providing the financial resources to the Iraqi insurgents to further destroy that nation and, in the process, kill the American soldiers [and Iraqi civilians], whom the very same administration has so foolishly and callously sent into harm’s way? You’d think so, wouldn’t you, until you read this one, in which we found that the warrantless domestic spying regime instituted by the Bush administration—instigated even though they already had the power to instigate wire taps without a warrant if they merely went to the trouble to get one within seventy-two hours—has yielded virtually no useful information with regard to national security.

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