Walker's Twisted Logic

Bill Christofferson gets it right here:

Walker also proposed some bigger ticket items, among them, to "turn back" mandated programs - such as courts - to state government unless they are fully funded by the state.

That should be easy, don't you think? The state government is rolling in dough, and would no doubt be eager to pay for the court system. Why didn't anyone think of that before?

Of course, if Scott Walker is governor in 2007 -- which is about as likely as me being the new county executive -- there could be a little problem getting that done.

You see, Walker has already promised that he would freeze taxes and hold the line on spending. That doesn't leave a lot of room to be taking back any programs. If he were governor, he'd just tell the new county executive to suck it up and think about opening a custard stand in the courthouse.

Walker's real goal -- besides successfully taking the focus off how big a financial mess his administration is in -- is to just get past the fall election before Milwaukee County goes into receivership. If he's governor, it'll be someone else's problem. And if he's still the county exec (which he is certain to be), he can always blame Tom Ament.
So, let's put this in a simple thought - Walker, as County Exec says that the State needs to pick up the bills for county Government, at the same time promising to cut taxes if he becomes Governor.

This logical impossibilty is brought to you by the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Irresponsible pabering says I.

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