Quote of the Day (Lawton Turns Up the Heat Edition):

This is from the Dodge/Jefferson County President's Day Dinner Sunday night - I was there and Barbara Lawton was amazing. The Watertown Daily Times covered it:

“We are not going back to a time when justice was served by the executioner and disputes were settled with concealed weapons,” she

Here's some more:

Times are changing and life is not as simple as it used to be and the Republicans want Democrats to be distracted and fight wars over difficult issues like abortion, gay marriage or stem cell research, Lawton said.

She added almost everyone knows someone who is facing difficult life issues that could be saved if stem cell research was supported.

“Or we know somebody from the gay and lesbian community who has every right to dream of committed relationships and a family like everybody else in this country,” Lawton said.

“As Democrats we refuse to engage in war and instead we're building a vision of possibility and prosperity for everyone,” she added. “It is not sectioned off just for some.”

“We are here to strengthen families, build communities and limit politics from the realm of war and have it be a healing force and a building force in our state of Wisconsin,” Lawton said.

“Because after all, politics are about the dignity of daily life and that is the Democratic difference of which we are so proud of.”

And Peg Lautenschlager added:

“We believe that everybody on this Earth, particularly in the country, ought to be given opportunity and equality of opportunity and everybody ought to be given a fair shake,” Lautenschlager said. “We as Democrats also believe that government and democracy is about ensuring that it happens.”

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