Radio add about Green Ethics

I haven't heard it, but there is a new radio add out asking Green how he could be so close to so many scandals and crimes without knowing anything about it.

I think it is a good question to ask.

Here's the text. You can listen to it here:


Narrator: There are none so blind as those who will not see.

When it comes to scandal and the need to clean up corruption, Congressman Mark Green has his eyes wide shut.

Washington and Madison awash in scandal. Play-for-pay, extortion, shakedowns. Dick Cheney’s top aide and House leader Tom DeLay indicted. Congressman taking huge bribes. Green’s own staff taking favors from lobbyists. Powerful state lawmakers convicted of corruption, misconduct.

And Mark Green says he knows nothing about any of it.

While Mark Green was Republican Assembly caucus chairman for four years, the caucus staff was deeply involved in doing campaign work on state time, former GOP leaders David Prosser and Scott Jensen told the court.

The caucus director said under oath that illegal campaigning was rampant. Green, the caucus chair, says he knows nothing about it.

Tell Mark Green to open his eyes. Ask him, if he can’t see a scandal right before his eyes, how would he ever clean up the mess?

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