Bucher: "Support Me, I'll Lose to Peg or Kathy by Less!"

This is the definition of desperation:

In a head-to-head match-up with incumbent Peg Lautenschlager, Bucher is merely 6 points away from the incumbent (41%-35), with the margin of error at plus or minus 4 percentage points. He would defeat Lautenschlager with male voters (40%-37). In contrast, Van Hollen loses to Lautenschlager by 20 points

If that is the best spin they can put on it, this poll and press release tells me if I were a Republican, I'd put my money and energy into a different race.

Now the race is just to see which Democrat will win in November.

I don't know if anyone saw the debate between the two jokers (they both suck, by the way) on PBS ? They were asked how conservative they are, on a scale of 1-10. Tweedledee said he was an 8, while Tweedledum said, in essence, "Oh yea, well I'm a 9!" (I forget which said which, I believe I was making potato'e' salad at the time for a family picnic).

How is this an election strategy. They are fighting to be the farthest out there from the mainstream, yet hope to then secure 51% of the vote in November.

As a proud Democrat, I would like to thank the RPW for these two guys.

Update - Yet another reason Bucher sucks... And here...

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