Quote of the Day: WAC Edition

From a release from the Wisconsin Alliance of Cities, I can only assume they are talking about a certain Rep. Green:

Then the candidate who wants to return from Washington to teach us fiscal conservatism which is like coming from Iraq to teach political moderation) claims he will introduce a real freeze. At what cost? The end of economic development and loss of thousands of jobs.


So here is my request. Tell your homeowners and voters to ask state candidates for two promises. First, I'll stop hurting you. Second, I'll tell you the truth. Local officials live under the laws set by the governor and the state legislature. They control what you do and how much revenue you will have to do it with. I wonder when collectively they will take responsibility for their actions.

I can tell you we have allies in the state legislature. They belong to both parties. I hope the public sends more like them. You know the kind. People who won't shift property taxes from manufacturers and other special interests to homeowners. People who will reject new non-funded mandated spending.

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