If Roe Overturned, What Would Gossett Do?

Republican Attorney General Candidate J. B. Van Hollen asserted today that were Roe overturned, it would be up to local prosecutors to enforce Wisconsin's existing ban on abortion:

Van Hollen: State law prevails without Roe
Madison -- If the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion were to be overturned while he was attorney general, Republican attorney general candidate J.B. Van Hollen said Wednesday that the state would need to enforce a Wisconsin statute that criminalizes abortion.

But, Van Hollen said local prosecutors, not the state Department of Justice, would take the lead in such cases. While the department would provide guidance to prosecutors about what should be enforced, "I wouldn't overstep my bounds," Van Hollen said to the Dane County Public Affairs Council Wednesday morning.

Here is a question for Winnebago County DA Candidate Gossett. Where do you stand on this? Will you be waiting outside of doctor offices ready to prosecute? Will you introduce the Winnebago County DA's Office into a woman's personal decisions?

Will you prosecute rape vicims? Will you introduce police officers into the bedrooms, hospitals and health care offices of Winnebago County?

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Mr.Consistency said...

Come on Jef - certainly the Democrats have a few resources within the party to understand the role of the DA. My resources tell me that as of today, the DA's in Wisconsin do not create any LAWs but rather enforce laws given to them from our legislature (but I'm not an attorney so I could be wrong).

I am certain that any reasonable person in every part the of United States wants to reduce the number of abortions - Don't you?

It is interesting how the Democrats can take an issue like abortion (for which I am certain everyone wants to reduce the numbers) and some how turn it into a District Attorneys Issue. Only from a desperate Democrat.

Here are some thoughts for you to consider for the DAs race - 1)reducing the corruption in the wake of the Paulus era; 2)better utilizing the DAs resources to run a more effective office; 3)working as a resource to both enhance law enforcement as well as keeping law enforcement in check.

But don't worry, the Democrats can bring up increasing the number of abortions anytime in the DAs race. I'm certain that will play well in our county.

What next, a radio spot with your fearful DA Manske saying "Vote for me, I will make certain we increase the number of abortions in our county". What a clear election focus.

Come on Jef, you are much better than that as a political opponent.

BTW - tell Manske to stop having all his people continously say he is only running to get his "name out there". I think he needs to go back to small claims where he is a medium size fish in the puddle.