Hintz returns PAC donations

From the OshNW:

Hintz returns PAC donations
By Bethany K. Warner of The Northwestern
Democratic candidate for the 54th State Assembly district Gordon Hintz said last week he returned campaign donations from political action committees and will not accept any PAC funds for the remainder of the campaign.

Hintz said he made the decision to return nearly $2,500 in PAC contributions because he wanted to be free of any "special interest appearance."

"When you're in a competitive race, plenty of people I've never talked to before are
sending you checks," Hintz said. "There's probably a price to pay with that and I started growing increasingly uncomfortable with that."

Among the returned contributions is $500 from U.S. Senator Russ Feingold's Senate Committee, $500 from the American Federation of Teachers Wisconsin and $500 from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers along with smaller contributions from other groups.

Hintz said he never spent any money received from PACs. One in-kind contribution from Progressive Majority Wisconsin was reimbursed.

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