A Property Tax Freeze Story...

Many candidates at the state lever (Gov, Senate, Assembly, etc) are talking about how they have cut property taxes.

What they always fail to mention is that they do not levy property taxes.

These taxes are levied by youth local governments, School Districts, Cities, Towns and Counties.

These state-level candidates talking about cutting property taxes forcing these cuts to governmental bodies that are slaves to these master's whims. They make decisions from on high in Madison with blatant disregard to the individual budget situations of these institutions.

They neglect to mention that they will feel no pain as a result of these actions. It is not their budgets.

It reminds me of a story/joke I was told as a child:

One day 2 brothers, one obviously older than the other walk into a dentist's office.

The older brother walks up to the person at the desk and says, "I need a tooth pulled, and my family doesn't have much money, so I want you to do it without any novacaine or anesthetic."

"Wow," says the lady behind the desk, "you sure are brave! Where is the tooth."

Turning to his younger brother, the older brother says, "Show the lady, junior."

Remember when your local city, town or county goes into budget deliberations this fall, that we are doing the best we can.

And remember that the pain is coming from the Republican Senate and Assembly.

That said, if you are a part of my Winnebago County Board District, please contact me at anytime with your opinions/suggestions.

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