OshNW Endorses Hintz for Assembly!

A great endorsement!

Editorial: Hintz's experience , drive best to represent Oshkosh in Madison

The next person to represent Oshkosh in Madison must have more substance than style. What Gordon Hintz lacks in folksy political charm, he more than makes up for in intellect, experience and nitty-gritty fiscal smarts.

On Nov. 7, Hintz is Oshkosh's best choice for the 54th State Assembly seat, representing most of this great Wisconsin city.

Hintz, 32, knows Wisconsin's corrections crisis. He sees what ails education funding. His insights on shared revenues and property tax freezes – how they can help or hurt Oshkosh residents -- are dead on.

Hintz sees where public policy and common sense, where Madison and Main Street, intersect. He brings the right combination of drive and understanding of
government nuances to lead.

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