Pung Leschke Treasurer Quits Over Negative Tone

From the OshNW. On a side note, I have run into Robin Makar a few times on the campaign trail. She deserves praise for standing up for her beliefs.

Here is the story:

Pung Leschke campaign treasurer quits over race's negative tone
By Bethany K. Warner of The Northwestern
The treasurer for Republican Julie Pung Leschke’s campaign for the 54th Assembly District resigned over frustrations with the flow of money and negative ads from outside interest groups in the campaign.

"I’m not resigning to try to hurt Julie, I’m resigning to make a statement about how nasty this process is. I think voters deserve better than that," Robin Makar, the former treasurer said Tuesday.

Makar said she informally resigned last week but decided Monday to publicly resign after an ad came out Monday from Wisconsin Family Action against Democratic Party candidate Gordon Hintz and the definition of marriage amendment.

"When I saw that postcard and it was just a lie. I saw that it was such a political ploy not just to damage Gordon and damage this amendment – that is really near to my heart, I so believe it’s wrong," Makar said. "The combination of two things being such lie and it being about something I feel so strongly about, I can’t be quiet about stepping away from this."

Makar is a resident in the town of Algoma and does not live in the 54th Assembly District. She cannot vote for either Pung Leschke or Hintz.

Makar said she got involved with Pung Leschke’s campaign after meeting Pung Leschke through the Choice Bank board. Despite personal political differences, Makar said Pung Leschke asked Makar to be her treasurer.

"I was really interested in learning about the process," Makar said. "I told her I wouldn’t campaign for her, but I’d be her treasurer."

The Northwestern will update this story later in the day and in its Wednesday print edition.

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