A History (and Irony) Lesson For Our Republican Friends...

I found this to be the ultimate in irony as I was reading over my regular internet news stops.

New York Times - On This Day:

1854 - About 50 slavery opponents met in Ripon, Wis., to call for creation of a new political group, which became the Republican Party.

The Wheeler Report:

RPW: Assembly to Take up Photo ID

...the state Assembly announced today it will vote Thursday on a constitutional amendment that would require a Photo ID to vote.

The day before the Republican Party could have been celebrating its birth as an anti-slave, pro-rights institution. It concluded that the highest priority it has is removing the vote from as many poor, indigent, elderly and minority voters as possible.

Try as you might to spin it. This is the result of VoterID.

Leibham, Stone and Courtney should be ashamed of themselves.

And they should learn some appreciation for history.

If Voter ID and the Gay Marriage ban is what Wisconsin Republicans consider to be their priorities, they are no longer descendants of the activists that first met in the Little White School House 153 years ago today.

Don't worry, Wisconsin. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is ready to take up their fight. It may have been the Republicans that fought slavery 150 years ago, but it will be the Democratic Party that stands for the rights of all Wisconsinites now.

I would like to thank the Wisconsin Senate in advance for picking up where Gov. Doyle's defense of voting rights through veto left off.

The Republican Party in Wisconsin once made history, now they are on the wrong side of it. Bigotry loses, plain and simple.

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Anonymous said...

While you're at it, why don't you fight to remove the requirement of a Photo ID when buying drugs with Pseudoephedrine? I cannot believe Doyle supported and signed that bill.

Don't you feel bad for the poor, indigent, elderly and minority citizens who cannot buy a box of Sudafed because it's too much of a 'hassle' to get a Photo ID?