LWV on VoterID

Here is the release.

Here are excerpts:

Let’s put this issue to rest before wasting the paper and ink: this proposal would not improve our elections, but would prevent citizens from voting. Recent studies and common sense say the Legislature should kill this proposal immediately.

Allegations of widespread voter fraud do not hold up to investigation. There is no record of voters acting en mass to misidentify themselves or vote multiple times.
The New York Times1 recently confirmed common sense fears: requiring photo IDs to vote keeps people from the polls. The United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC) has decisive statistics verifying that minorities are most affected by this barrier to voting. We have long understood that poll taxes and literacy tests are unfair: they keep specific, targeted populations from voting and lead to a farce of democracy in which only some are represented. Photo ID requirements work the same way.

Those with low incomes or disabilities have the most difficulties obtaining an ID. Students and other mobile populations have a difficult time maintaining current IDs. These voters should not be punished.
Requiring a photo ID to vote is a proven method of keeping voters from the polls. That is a loss our democracy cannot afford.

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Gary said...

Photo ID? No problem! Just remember to only move once every 8yrs. when your Driver's License comes due.

Thanks for keeping this issue in the limelight. There is no question that they are attempting to keep people from voting.