Monte is Again Online, Just With Content Missing and a Big Lie Added...

As a follow-up to yesterday's post about Oshkosh Council Candidate Kent Monte, it seems he is back up online.

However, he seems to have removed several of his posts - and added a bit of a logical puzzle.

As I mentioned yesterday, his blog seems to often traffic in rumor and innuendo, however after the blog shutdown of yesterday, many of the controversial posts seem to be nowhere to be found...

On his blog, he explains his offline time as:

the "glitch" that prevented my site from being viewed on Saturday night. It has been resolved (although I am not sure how)

However, in a comment on my little blog here, he explains:

I didn't change anything with my site and it was "repaired" this morning. It was not planned nor intentional for it to have gone off line sometime between Saturday and Sunday. I did get it fixed as soon as I became aware of the problem. Blogger assures me that it should not have happened and will not happen again.

Well, Kent, which is it? Was it something that was resolved miraculously in a way that you do not know, or did you work with Blogger to fix it? It clearly cannot be both.

Did you lie to everyone on your blog, or just to my readers here?

Also, if you note the timelines of past posts on the side of my blog, I have been using Blogger for almost 3 years now. I have never seen my, or any other blog, spontaniously require you to be part of the blog's inner circle to read it. That needs to be something that is selected by the blog owner.

Kent, where did the posts where you spread false innuendo about current council members go? If you are going to put a false story out there, be resolved enough to stand behind it or correct it, not just delete it as if it never happened.

Where is the post where you falsely claimed that a competitor took money he did not? Where is your explanation of why you went on WOSH to question another candidates integrity and intelligence?

What are you going to do once your are elected? Ask the clerk to go back and change the minutes of meetings if you are not happy with what you said or how you voted?

Kent, if you cannot stand by your word and get your story straight on these little blogs, what will you be on the Council Dias?


Anonymous said...

You make your blog "private" by going to the Permissions tab in your Blogger Dashboard and clicking on the option there. I just did it myself. Then you change your mind and go back to that same tab and click a different little button - presto! you are back. Just did that myself too. (Thank God I'm not running for Oshkosh Council, huh? Absolute mayhem)

I did this myself to avoid a specific individual looking at my stuff during a specific time period. Or because I am nuts - you decide.

But this is only effective if you are dealing with someone who is very technically challeneged. If you want to resurrect the Monte posts in question, just think of key names or words involved and Google till you find the cached files and post those links wherever you want. You can't hide that stuff from determined people.

It's just a matter of whether or not you want to take the time.

A final note - have you ever tried to "talk" to the "Blogger People"? I'm not saying you NEVER can get a human e-mail response, but rarely. Usually auto-responses and references to Help files. Blogger "people" would be peein' themselves at the idea that any "assuring" went on to any piss-ant bloggers over the weekend.

I'm jealous now - I want an assurance too that I will never again (in a fit of angst and hatred of politics) click that Permissions tab again. I did not know Blogger operative scould give me that kind of emotional security. Way better than prozac.

jef said...

You seem to have gotten my point exactly.

Kent Monte said...

Mr. Hall,

Your accusations are unfounded and uncalled for. If that is the way that the "leaders of the Democratic Party" conduct themselves...

Anyway, if you MUST have the whole story, I think I can tie it together for you and perhaps it will make more sense for you. If not, let me know and I can use smaller words to help you understand.

I went on to my site on Saturday afternoon and removed the "controversial" post where I implied that Ms. Scheuermann took campaign contributions from Mr. Ganther during her campaign 2 years ago (which is 100% true). Although it was worded poorly and misunderstood by Mr. Bain, I didn't say directly that HE had taken money. I had made the correction on Friday night and decided to remove the post altogether on Saturday to avoid any further conflict. But you seem to want to "stir the pot" so there is your explaination.

As for the repair of my site, Jody is correct. If you go to the permission tab (which blogger had me do) you have a choice of "invite only". Mine was NOT checked. I do not know how or what Blogger did to fix it, but they did. I am not as techy as some so I trusted them to "fix" the problem. That is why I said that I GOT IT FIXED. I did that by contacting blogger and having their support folks take care of the problem. Would you like the email?

Before you accuse someone of "lying" you should perhaps ask me to clarify my comments.

I had the courtesy to remove the questionable posts from my site. I also apologized to Mr. Bain over the phone, on my site and on his site. I did not at anytime mean any disrespect towards him but chose words inappropriately when I spoke of "both incumbants".

You can continue this "blog bashing" of me if you would like. I do find it amusing that all you have to use is a technical difficulty with my blog but I don't feel that continuing it is productive nor mature. I took the high road with my mistakes, can you?

Have a nice evening.

K. Monte

Anonymous said...

Jeff, just chill out already. You are making yourself look like a horses ass.

Anonymous said...

Monte is the one who looks like a horse's ass. He continually sticks his foot in his mouth. It was only a matter of time before people started pointing out his gross mis-steps and correlated them to how he'd perform in office.

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely sick and tired of Kent Monte's posts being "worded incorrectly" when he deliberatley or negligently mistates fatcs, such as Brian Bain accepting campaign money from Ben Ganther. Kent, you claimed he did, it turned out the facts stated otherwise and YOU WERE WRONG. Not "misworded" or "misinterpereted", but flat out intentionally wrong. Whether that is because you lied or because you were simply too lazy to check your facts, I'm sick of it. I'm tired of amateur hour with the Montes and I hope to the good lord above that the voters show them exactly what they ought to be doing next election season.

Anonymous said...

Then perhaps you can run against them next time since you are such a professional...

Anonymous said...

Lets see, I think there are other candidates that have made their fair share of screw ups too.

Palmeri, calling people scumbags because they tore up signs. (talk2tony)

Cornell, says he will hang up on a voter/taxpayer that doesn't identify themselves (ONW election forum)and lets sell some parks (Eye on Oshkosh)

Scheuermann, tough questions like "are you comfortable with this?" or I didn't vote for the garbage fee (maybe I did) but I voted against it at the polls. Took money from Ganther. Met with Doig (twice?), The list goes on...

Bain, went ballistic on Bob Burnell when he called him "John Kerry" for flip flopping on the garbage thing.

King, Lawyer. Do I need to say more?

Nielson... He hasn't said enough to make a mistake.

Maybe the key is to not say a word. Just sit back and let the world happen.

Do any of you have a blog? Have any of you made mistakes?

Seems like someone here got pissed up and passed out on someone elses couch?

Monte isn't looking so bad after all. He did get my vote today, along with Palmeri and Bain.