This is an odd way to get elected...

... shutting down public information.

above is a screen grab from Kent Monte's Blog site. Kent is a candidate for Oshkosh City Council who has been documented with posting and spreading rumor and innuendo. His blog has a regularly been criticized because of his habit of publishing attacks on councill members and community leaders before he has all the information, then editing or deleting the posts when it is pointed out to him that he is wrong.

It seems that now, Monte feels the best way to get elected is to not allow anyone not approved to view his website and therefore his opinions on the city and it's future.

You know, it may be the smartest campaign move he has ever made.


Kent Monte said...

Excuse me Mr. Hall,

You have made a false assumption and say that I made my site "invitation only".

In reality, I didn't change anything with my site and it was "repaired" this morning. It was not planned nor intentional for it to have gone off line sometime between Saturday and Sunday. I did get it fixed as soon as I became aware of the problem. Blogger assures me that it should not have happened and will not happen again.

Thank you for noticing though.

K. Monte

Anonymous said...

LOL. Talk about going off half-cocked!