Hey Tony, Where's the Apology?

Many in the WI Dem Blogosophere are calling for apologies from the Righties for their statements against Gov. Doyle in regards to the Georgia Thompson affair.

I would like to add one from the left. My city councilor Tony Palmeri (that's gonna get hard to get used to) who wrote:

Ms. Thompson is of course innocent until proven guilty. But does anyone, with the exception of Doyle flacks and Democratic party hacks, honestly think a DOA bureaucrat would do these things without being ordered to do so by the DOA Secretary or Doyle himself?

Come on, Tony... Admit you were wrong...


Anonymous said...

Wrong about what Jef?

You are reaching because your Dem buddy in the Governors mansion is a criminal.

Sounds familiar. Didn't you have a brush with the law a few years back? Nah, must be my imagination.

I went to Tony's site and read what he wrote. He reported what was being reported on. He also stated that she didn't work on her own. You just don't want to believe it of your idol.

Tony Not said...

Ms. Thompson is of course innocent until proven guilty. But does anyone, with the exception of Doyle flacks, federal appeals courts, and Democratic party hacks, honestly think a DOA bureaucrat would do these things without being ordered to do so by the DOA Secretary or Doyle himself?

Is that better?

Xoff said...

Better would be "Republican-appointed federal appeals judges."

vyborg said...

Fair enough.

tony palmeri said...

Sorry Jef, but I think the person who most needs to apologize to Georgia Thompson is Jim Doyle. He came to office promising to clean up politics in Madison, yet made it abundantly clear early in his administration that politics as usual were going to be the order of the day. If Georgia Thompson had steered state business to Adelman Travel during the reign of a Republican governor, you'd be the first one to smell and expose the rat.

Can't quite get used to saying "Supervisor Hall" either :-)

jef said...


Just because we are going to end up agreeing locally, doesn't mean we can't still fight on the state level, right?



jody said...

No, it doesn't.
It means you have to resume fighting locally. Call Hintz, get Stew on board. And any other Local Irritants I may not be aware of.

First - a few asides which are actually a bit more on topic.
1.) Dem Party Hacks are always so funny when they think that their Courageous and "Outspoken" Team Defense will ever be perceived as anything other than pure C.O.T.D.
It's kinda cute and innocent really. Aaaw..they think we're dumb.

2.) I am/was not following this Thompson thing AT ALL (I am the only Thompson who matters, so why would I?) But golly, we're all pretty old here. We must all have had some personal experience with, or close observation of, the court and legal system. Even if we just got divorced or a small claims or traffic thingie. No one over the age of 15, and certainly not lawyers, could possibly still beleive that TRUTH and JUSTICE are always arrived at through the courts.
All we ever really know for sure is who had the best lawyers. Winning/Losing has no dirtect correlation to innocence/guilt. Even toothless retards remember that from the O.J. trial. So I do think it's safe to say that most people still feel uncertain about anyone's TRUE guilt or innocence these days. You just don't know what REALLY happened by listening to sound bites, press releases and trial verdicts. The truth rarely resides in any of those behaviors.

3.) People of Oshkosh! You look like jerks to the tenth power when you hammer on that "Jef Hall Brush With The Law" thing. Total F*ckwads !! Jef - do we love each other? No, we do not. But verily I saw unto the masses - give it a goddam rest, it makes YOU look bad, not Jef anymore. It was embarassing at one time, it no longer is. Also, below the belt stuff is the mark of stupidity.

Okay, back to my intial remark up there. Jef, you have done one good thing (I said ONE, don't get cocky) for which I will bow to you deeply and with sincerity. You coaxed The Old Tony out of that nasty little campaign hole he's been hiding in. Months and months of pleasant and helpful posts (gack!), no snark, no criticism. NO outrage. I for one am outraged at the lack of outrage.
You wanna know the pivotal moment? It "passed" without much public to-do. And yet, like 9-11, our nation will be forever changed from that day forward. Remember that post he did on Colo-rectal Health Coverage? Made you wannna flush your head didn't it? If he had used that to illustrate the point that our democracy is swirling 'round the bowl it would have been one thing, but NOOOOOo. It was actually on protological paperwork. What next? Recipes and Household Hints??? aaaaaah!

(This is going to sound mean but too bad. Certain people need to realize why God put them on this earth. There is the Gift of Healing, the Gift of Prophesy, The Gift of Discernment, and the Gift of Being Really Annoying. It is wrong to run from your gift.) So - keep pokin' in that cage, Jef. Apparently you have what it takes to get things back to normal. You have proven yourself to be most skilled. Someone has to Stop the Madness.

Anonymous said...

Jody, You are the "F*ckwad". Go back to Eau Claire and leave us in Oshburg alone.

Jef Hall deserves that brought up. If you get drunk and get stupid, why should we just "let it go"?

I guarantee you wouldn't "let it go" if it was a conservative that did it... would you?