Smoking Bans Protect Workers...

... no matter what the workplace is.

From the OshNW:

According to the health departments, Researchers with the U.W. Tobacco Surveillance and Evaluation Program "sampled 840 bartenders working in Madison and Appleton and found that, not only had their exposure to second hand smoke dramatically decreased" in the months following both cities' workplace smoking bans, but also that "the change in working conditions resulted in measurable and statistically significant improvement for eight upper respiratory symptoms, including cough, wheezing and sore throat."

I have always argued that smoking bans are for the workers. It is the same as an employer being required to have accessible doors.

Right now, someone with a breathing disorder can not work in a bar or restaurant. It is the same as if an office did not install a ramp.

You can not use the argument that "they can work somewhere else." It is wrong.

Also, if an employer allowed hazardous chemicals to leak in the water and air of an office or manufacturing complex, they would be rightly fined and hopefully criminally prosecuted.

Why is that OK in a bar or restaurant?

As America moves more and more towards a service economy, we need to place the same standards on all workplaces.

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