Book-Banning, Oshkosh Style

This from the OshNW:

At least one local school has temporarily pulled the books from its library shelves that the film “The Golden Compass” is based on, over concerns about what critics call its anti-Christian message.

“The Golden Compass,” which opens in theaters Friday, is based on the first book of the trilogy, “His Dark Materials,” by British author Philip Pullman. It follows a headstrong girl named Lyra on a quest to help a world that is somewhat like the real world.
Mary Miller, media specialist at St. John Neumann Middle School and Lourdes High School, said she has temporarily taken the series off the shelf at the shared school library because she wants to have a chance to read them and decide for herself if they are appropriate for students.

“I just heard all the news and I decided to pull them,” Miller said. “After (I read them), I’m not sure what I’ll do with them.”
I guess I'm curious about the quote "I decided... and what I'll do..." Is there truly no policy? Is it one person's opinion?

Another question:

Why, if this book is such a threat, has it been on the self until there was a movie made?

Hype is more dangerous than knowledge...

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