Multiple Voting Scandal?

Here's a good one. I wonder if we will see the same thing on Wisconsin Eye?

Hat tip to the Chief.

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Jb said...

Ain't this the damnedest thing?

I have to give the TV a good deal of credit for picking up on this phenomenon because just from the clips they showed this seems to be an institutionalized practice.

I looked around to see if the same thing happens in Wisconsin and apparently there is a something like formal formal process for legislators to "tie" or "bind" their vote to the vote of another legislator in the event that they will be absent for a session (alas, I can't seem to find the website where I found this the other day). But in order for that to happen the absent legislator has to request a leave of absence from the Sargent at Arms (or or the Clerk or somebody -- suffice it to say that it's more elaborate than a note from one's mother) and there has to be paperwork signed and witnesses and a few other loops need to be cleared, as well.

Nothing like this -- at least I hope nothing like this. This is just too goddamn well choreographed to be believed.