Wisconsin Health Care Facts

From the Badger Poll:

  • Approximately 45% of Wisconsin residents feel that the health care system in the state has major problems, 44% say it has minor problems, 7% say it is currently in a state of crisis and just 2% say there are no problems.
  • 76% favored expanding the eligibility of existing government programs such as BadgerCare and Medicaid to provide coverage for more people without health insurance.
  • 65% favored requiring every resident of Wisconsin to attain health insurance, either from their employer or another source, with government subsidies to low-income residents to help them pay for it
  • 61% of residents favored replacing the current health care system with a new system administered entirely by state government that covers all Wisconsinites.
  • When it comes to how responsible the State of Wisconsin and the Federal Government should be in making sure that all state residents have access to both high quality and affordable health care 44% said the State of Wisconsin should be extremely or quite responsible and 55% said the Federal Government should be extremely or quite responsible.
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