Jessica King’s Grassroots Support Trumps Hopper’s Deep Pockets in 18th Senate District Race

Jessica King’s Grassroots Support Trumps Hopper’s Deep Pockets in 18th Senate District Race

OSHKOSH – Recently filed campaign finance reports indicate stark differences between the campaigns of Democratic Candidate Jessica King and Republican Candidate Randy Hopper for the open 18th Senate District Seat.

King, a native of Fond du Lac and Rosendale, a UW-Oshkosh graduate, attorney, and current member of the Oshkosh Common Council received 486 individual contributions during the recent fundraising period, 90% of those contributions were less than $100.

Hopper, a radio station owner in Fond du Lac with no government experience and no public positions on issues at this time, had just 28 individual contributors, an average contribution of $682.90 and just 2 contributions less than $100.

“While Jessica King continues to reach out and receive broad support from Democrats, Republicans, and Independents throughout the 18th District, Mr. Hopper is relying on support from his big money friends. The fact that Mr. Hopper has not received a single contribution from anyone in Winnebago County is very telling of his campaign’s support and reach beyond Fond du Lac.”

Jessica King challenged the incumbent State Senator Carol Roessler before Roessler dropped out in March. Since then, Winnebago County Sheriff Mike Brooks announced and then dropped out; Mark Reiff had announced for the Senate Seat before deciding to move to the 54th District and run for Assembly; and Tim Lakin had been running for months before Republican operatives asked him to step down, leading to his withdrawal from the race.

“I understand why the Republican party establishment is backing someone with deep pockets like Randy Hopper. But the 18th Senate Seat is not for sale, and as Jessica King’s previous opponents have found out, she has broad support throughout the District from people who want real change in Madison and want someone who will bring ideas and experience to the table.

“Jessica King will continue knocking on doors throughout the District and make her priorities for Wisconsin clear. In the meantime, we will be waiting for Mr. Hopper to make some positions known. Is he on board with the Senate Republicans agenda, or is he with the people of the 18th Senate District?”

King vs. Hopper July Reports

Average Contribution:
King - $77.90 Hopper - $682.90

Individual Contributors:
King – 486 Hopper – 28

Donations Under $100
King – 90% Hopper – 7%

Total Raised:
King – $54,997 Hopper – $18,425

Cash on Hand:
King - $44,520 Hopper - $18,425


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What percentage of Jess King's money came from out of district and out of state?