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vote hopper said...

A classic article in the Northwestern today about Omro…..

The city administrator has a plan to decline his salary increase. He also proposes that the city council members decline their modest salary increase also for 2009.

Why is this? Because Omro like most cities is under a budget crunch.

So what’s happening with the Omro city employees? Are they pitching in and helping in these tough times?


They are getting a 3.6% increase! (Maybe more with benefits)

This is the problem. Our cities are a facing financial crisis. The people living in those cities are facing a personal financial crisis. May are losing their jobs. Many are forced to work at jobs with a much lower pay just to keep their families fed.

What do city and county employees say?

What do teachers say?

They say Quid pro quo and I don’t give a damn how it affects you…

Time for a change….Yes it is! The change starts with your vote for Hopper!

Hoppers opponent King is a puppet for the unions. Look at her website at her backers and you will see all the unions listed. The unions have her in there pocket…now they want more of your money in their pocket.

Vote Hopper!!

Anonymous said...

Oh come now, do you really believe someone can get elected with only that as their base? If you do then you're a bigger fool than you first appeared. Sure, you'd like to believe those are the only supporters she has, but you are way wrong.

And Hopper is all about businesses not paying taxes. He instead wants to put the additional burden created by business tax loopholes on the everyday taxpayer. NO WAY TO HOPPER-ECONOMICS. JESS KING ALL THE WAY TO MADISON.

Hopper Supporter said...

New Page – 600 workers jobs lost.
GM – Janesville plant scheduled to close.
Circuit City – Hundreds of stores close, thousands of employees jobless
Oshkosh Corp – More lay offs are coming.
Two more pages of home foreclosures in today’s Northwestern

City workers and teachers want raises.
City workers want to continue paying 95% of their healthcare costs
Teachers want you to approve a $26,000,000.00 referendum.

City workers and teachers want more-more-more.
City taxpayers have less-less-less.

Stop the madness.


Anonymous said...

There you go. The problem is not public union employees, who pay a butt-load of taxes. It's guys like him who run businesses and pay NO taxes! HE is the one YOU are having to work hard to support!

It ain't just the fat-cat Wall-Street tycoons who are ripping us off!

Hopper YES - King NO said...

Taxpayers fund about 95% of all healthcare costs for city of Oshkosh employees.
The employees only pay about 5%

Many Oshkosh city employees retire at age 55.
Most average working class employees in Oshkosh work until they are 65 or beyond.

City workers and teachers look to increase their wages 2-3%
Most average working class employees living in Oshkosh haven’t received a raise and many are just thankful to maintain their jobs.

Rather than take pay concessions, Oshkosh teachers would rather the administration look for cuts in areas such as books, which place a direct negative impact on student learning.

Private sector unions must insure their employer remains profitable, or they will be faced with lack of business and layoffs.

Public sector unions have not concern about the taxpayers ability to pay….they just demand more, even if we are in a recession.

If you’re anything like me, you’re fed up with this too.

Time for a change….time for RANDY HOPPER!

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest. You won't change the minds of anyone who's already voted and those who have yet to vote are at the polls by now. Just goes to show how desperate and dumb you are.

Anonymous said...

King = Special interest groups such as:

American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC)
AFSCME Council 40
AFSCME Council 24
State Employees Political Action Committee (SEPAC)
Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
Wisconsin Professional Police Association
International Association of Firefighters Local 316
International Association of Firefighters Local 316
NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin PAC
Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin

These groups want to take your hard earned tax dollars and give it to their members.

Jess King will allow them to do that.

Randy Hopper is on your side. He wants you to keep the money you earned, not give it away to bloated union members.

Keep your money - Vote Randy Hopper!

Anonymous said...

"They are getting a 3.6% increase!"

Average rate of inflation per year = about 3.5%

City employees are working folks just like everyone else.