Recount in the 18th? Results below...

180 votes out of over 83,000 cast in unofficial results.

County - Jess King - Randy Hopper - Difference
Dodge - 981 - 1,303 - (322)
Winnebago - 24,451 - 20,213 - 4,238
FDL - 16,232 - 20,328 - (4,096)
Total - 41,664 - 41,844 - (180)

There are also provisional ballots to be decided, as well as the results being unofficial.

In Winnebago County we use 2 types of voting machines - touchscreen and scanners. The results on the county website are sometimes shown as complete for a ward even if the ward only has one of the machine types reported.

There are several questions about these results. Lets get to the bottom of this.


THANK YOU!! said...


Yes, Hopper pulled off an upset win by 180 votes.

Your vote does count!

Unions and teachers may be in for a rough ride!

Thanks for supporting HOPPER!

Anonymous said...

How can a millionaire running in a 56% Republican Senate District only win by 180 votes and be called an upset?

I don't think the Senate Dems really expected to win this seat, but that King woman really made it competitive and may even win the recount. Stay tuned.

Hopper Wins! said...

Make no mistake, Hopper did win!!

The ball is in Kings court if she wants to challenge, but Hopper is the winner.

This is a classic example of the power of the individual vote.

Each vote does count!

The Dude said...

I would love to see an accounting for the all the money spent by the counties, campaigns and the GAB for this recount which only yielded 18 votes.

Congratulations Randy!!!