On the Threats of Violence...

I am sick and tired of the threats that are being sent around to Democratic Congress Members that supported the Health Care Bill.

I am even more sick of the denials from the GOP that their rhetoric does not feed it. I am also disgusted when they say that these threats are isolated incidents.

We all get these sort of emails from the right. They are a lot more common than you might think.

It seems to be a regular tactic from that side of the political debate. When the publicity surrounding the Obama billboard was in its height, I was getting regular emails both in support and against the billboard.

I was also receiving threatening and ignorant emails. Some examples are below (no names or emails have been changes to protect anybody:
Get your head out of the sand pile and take a look at history. I am angry along with millions of other concerned citizens...legal citizens...that our president is arrogant and hell bent on doing his own thing.
I hope more signs go up and hopefully someone will finally ask our leader, just where do you really come from? And maybe you might be able to give us a TRUTHFUL answer for a change.
Swanhild Tess
17365 Sierra Lane
Brookfield, Wi 53045


jef hall
Fri, March 5, 2010 6:12:17 PM
From: Pa Bel
To: chair@winnebagodems.org
your an idiot. go live with hugo chavez and that the rest of the liberals idiots with you.


Wisconsin Billboard Calls for Obama's Ouster
Mon, February 15, 2010 12:22:01 PM
From: Fred
To: chair@winnebagodems.org
Jef Hall is the chairman of the Winnebago County Democratic Party. He says having a bad opinion of the president doesn't mean there's been an impeachable offense.

Having a bad opinion of the Obama doesn’t means he hasn’t committed impeachable offenses either. But I’m sure of one thing, many brainwashed leftist fools will pay dearly come November for crawling in bed with that narcissistic corrupt anti-American radical fascist lying worthless nigger in our White House. The scum of America, the filthy worthless slime of the human race. In fact many polls are saying it may be a political blood bath for the totally corrupt and morally bankrupt National leadership of your radical socialist party.

Have a nice day, Fred

If I were to search farther in my emails, I could find a lot more.

This sort of stuff needs to stop.

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Anonymous said...

While the letters are disgusting and humorous, I don't see "threats of violence" as your title suggests. Let's see some of those emails.