Pull It! (The Firetruck Resolution)

Tonight the Oshkosh Common council will consider Resolution 10-99 "Authorize 1915 Fire Engine / Authorize Future Dispersements from Donations"

This should be pulled form the agenda an re-considered at a future meeting (if at all) for several reasons:

1. According to the resolution, it was "Initiated by: Mayor Esslinger"

The Mayor should not be initiating resolutions to have the city give him money. If another councilor is not willing to sponsor the resolution, it should not be considered.

On a similar note, Mayor Esslinger should not be at the council dias for the debate on this issue. The meeting should be turned over to the Deputy Mayor and Mayor Esslinger should go to the floor to operate under the rules any other citizen has during meetings.

2. The resolution establishes a direct route for interests to funnel money to the Mayor through the city.

The resolution directs the City of Oshkosh to:
pay out the amount currently held in the fund established for the purchase and maintenance of the vehicle to the Mayor and is directed to continue to pay out amounts that are donated to the fund monthly, without contrary reservations by the donors, to the Mayor
This literally makes a fund anyone (including those with business before the council) can use to legally funnel money to the Mayor.

...and not campaign contributions, which have a legal, established limit. This would allow money up to the almost $10,000 for the full purchase cost.

Also the phrase "without contrary reservations by the donors" means that up to the $10,000 you cannot donate money to the firetruck's upkeep and housing. All money donated HAS to go to the Mayor regardless of the intent of the donor.

This is either corrupt or inept, and should be pulled.  It is not worth discussion in it's current form.


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