Where's Jonathan?

Jonathan Krause has announced his candidacy for the 54th...

He has been posting on his 'My Two Cents' blog most weekdays for more than 3 years. However, if you look at the blog counter in the image above, it shows only between 35 and 87 posts.

Lets say he were to post only 4 times per week, and take two weeks of vacation a year. That would be:

50 weeks/year X 4 days/week = 200 posts.

Where did the rest of them go? Isn't this information that the voters might need to make a valid decision on whom to vote?

He has been writing an opinion column for more than three years, yet now that his opinion matters, they are gone?

It looks like it took just one day for Jonathan Krause to become 'just another politician'...

I sure hope someone has those missing posts saved...

Here's a fun one from October 16th, a day you will find missing on his blog (I have bolded some of the items you might want to ask him about):


Thursday 10-16
Well it appears the State's financial chickens have come home to roost. Much like the "crooks on Wall Street" he likes to deride, Governor Doyle's house of cards has also come crashing down. Years of deferred funding, raiding of the Transportation Fund and budgeting based on structural deficits can no longer be covered up. I had to laugh yesterday when the Governor said he had already made deep cuts in State Government and now things are really going to hurt.

So where to begin? How about with the Seniorcare program--which costs the state 253-million dollars a year. We have a program called Medicare Part D that performs the same social function. Are the benefits exactly the same? No--but Seniorcare was only meant to be in place until Medicare Part D came into being. Everyone in Madison apparently forgot about that. If you are unhappy with the Federal benefit--contact your local Congressman.

Put a freeze on all new state building construction. This is bad news for the UW system, which has a building boom going on around the state--but we can probably get by with the existing classroom space for another few years. Highway and bridge projects are exempt because we should have plenty in the Transportation fund to cover those right Governor? Oh that's right--we gave that money to the schools. I always say every driver deserves a great school.

Finally, own up to the people of the state and admit that Madison has written a whole bunch of checks the taxpayers will have to cover. That means an increase in the sales tax. If tax revenues are down ten percent--then a half-percent hike in the consumption tax will be needed as well. You could have that in place by next July 1st--when the next state fiscal year starts.

We can only hope that The King getting caught without his clothes on will finally lead to some changes in the way the state creates its budget. Maybe putting away a little money for situations like this might be step one. Setting some real priorities could be step two.
If this is what you believe, stand up for it, don't hide it.


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right. He was, for the most part, a once-a-weekeday poster. So where in the world did they all go? Seems he's either a fraud, a phony, or just highly embarrassed to have his opinions out there. He doesn't stand a chance against Gordon Hintz.

Anonymous said...

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