Moral Gymnastics?

Green: The fact that I broke the rules is an example of how c0rrupt the system is, and I am the only one who can clean it up.

How does he have the guts to say something like that?

Green: "State has lost its way ethically"
Gubernatorial candidate Mark Green said the Wisconsin State Elections board was “just wrong” Wednesday in its order to get rid of within the next 10 days any money in his campaign that came from political action committees not registered in the state and received above PAC contribution limits.

The Republican contender, after speaking in Oshkosh with the Noon Optimists club, said that the ruling is proof that corruption has reached the elections board and highlights the need to reform that agency.

“When we transferred our money, we actually asked the elections board how we should do it and we absolutely complied with every step they told us,” Green said.

Mike McCabe, the executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, said Green was in violation of an Ethics Board emergency ruling passed in January 2005. That rule prohibited a candidate from spending any contributions transferred from a federal campaign committee that would not have been allowed to be collected under state law. Green had transferred funds from his congressional campaign fund to his gubernatorial campaign fund. Wisconsin law prohibits accepting campaign contributions from PACs not registered in the state.

The rule was suspended by a legislative committee a month after it was passed. But the full Legislature never acted on the suspension so the rule was never reversed.

“This is a partisan corrupt slap that’s another indictment of how the state has lost its way ethically,” Green said.

I'll give him an A for spin effort, but he still gets an F for actual ehtics.

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