The Northwestern Agrees With Me - We Need a Dem for DA

Today's Editorial:

But the episode leaves the impression that it's business-as-usual in the DA's office: Strings being pulled, preferential treatment being granted, deals being cut, shortcuts being taken.

Both Pennewell and Gossett have pledged to move the office past the Paulus-era. For Pennewell and Lennon, and a lesser degree Gossett, that may be a pledge on paper alone.

The resume flap may be a small blip on the radar screen, but it's enough to raise worries that nothing's changed in the Winnebago County District Attorney's Office.
The Final Thought: The flap over the release of a resume of a candidate for Winnebago County District Attorney leaves the impression that Paulus-era cut throat politics continue to reign in the office.

How can we change this? I seem to have had an idea here - they just need to follow the logical conclusion:

“There is only one way I see to get past this shameful chapter in our county’s history. In November, the voters of Winnebago County need to resoundingly elect a Democrat with no connection with either Paulus’ corrupt office or party. We need a District Attorney with a broad resume outside of Paulus’ corrupt office, and outside of the Republican party.”

Go Joe Manske for DA!

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