Barrett Invited to UWO by Local Greens

Winneblogo has a few good points why he should not be invited, and I agree with most of them.

I think this comment pretty much says it all:

Keven Barrett is a kook. Steve Nash is a kook too. Barrett is also a publicity hound, who desires most of all to be in the media spotlight. I haven't forgotten his sarcastic public letter to the Governor. Was that real academic activity?

If you want to have a real discussion about 9/11, invite experts, not crackpots.

We can make all sorts of accusations by innuendo and association, but these are not testable hypotheses.

I know academia hosts all sorts of odd-ball characters, but is Barrett really the figure we would choose to represent us?

Read it all here.

I agree that Barrett can say all he wants in his hired classroom, but the local Greens should find someone better to talk at their event.

Unless all they want is publicity, and not true discussion.

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Anonymous said...

I don't agree at all. (And anyone who reads blogs should know by now I am not a Green Party apologist)

By inviting Barrett to your area, the Greens (or whoever might do the inviting of any "hot topic" person) allow your area citizens to see, first hand, this controversial individual. IF he is a nutcase and an embarassment, every individual who decides to go hear him speak will be able to decide for themselves. If he is an eloquent and brilliant man with a logical explanation, that will be apparent, or anything in between.

Let the people decide - not collectively, by group think or open endorsement, but individually and authentically.

IF I were a Green, (and praise the lord on bended knee that I am not, and for so many reasons) this is EXACTLY the sort of civic event I would want my party to engage in.
NOT demanding seats at tables, or funding or obsessing on running candidates, but on doing things for the local community that encourage democratic participation, are just plain interesting, help with local projects and/or possibly create bonds with politically un-committed people by building trust and credibility.

Oops. That is a bit of a digression - I do not think that inviting Barrett builds trust and credibilty but it is not an election-related or self-serving event, but merely something offered to the local public without any attempt at party gain. That is wise in general although in this case some will just say the guy is too extreme just like the Greens and well, I've rambled on enough. My work is done here....