Esslingergate, or It's Not the Crime, It's the Coverup II

The Northwestern covers my complaint about Mr. Esslinger's use of city resources for campaigning here.

A link to the city's Web site in an Oshkosh mayoral candidate's online web advertisement has resulted in a complaint to the Winnebago County District Attorney's office and changes to other candidate Web sites.

Oshkosh resident Jef Hall filed a complaint this week about an ad for mayoral candidate Paul Esslinger on The Northwestern's Web site. That ad for Esslinger, a current member of the city council, linked to Esslinger's biography on the city's Web site. Hall's complaint questioned whether the link meant that Esslinger was using city resources for campaigning.

They go on to explain that the link has changed (click here to read my take on that). Then there is this gem:

Esslinger said he consulted with the Wisconsin State Elections Board about the legality of the link before making the link part of his ad.

A spokesman for the State Elections Board said Thursday that there is no definitive answer about this issue.

(bold emphasis mine, not in the article)

That seemed odd to me. Kent Monte, who's blog is hosting the new Esslinger Bio link stated that:

Yesterday afternoon, it was pointed out that there may be an election violation with an advertisement on the ONW website front page. After confirming with the City Attorney and the SEB that although it COULD be considered a violation it would be difficult to prove that 50 hits came directly from that link. Rather than take a chance, I set up a biography on this site to allow the ONW to link to it rather than the city site.

The seems 100% contradictory to me. Mr. Esslinger claims, in a statement to a Northwestern reporter, to have called the SEB before making the link (which happened last Sat - Mar 24), while Monte claims they did not call them until after I filed my complaint, Wed - Mar 28.

So, I called the SEB back... I spoke to Kyle Richmond, the same person that Bethany Warner from the Northwestern spoke to for her story. He indicated to me that Mr. Esslinger did call in and speak with Richard Bohringer, the gentleman I spoke with previously and also with their Legal Council, George Dunst.

But, those conversations took place this week, after I made the complaint.

Once again, Paul Esslinger lied to cover-up.

Mr. Richmond stated he heard of no call to an SEB staff member about the Oshkosh Mayor's race inquiring about this issue before my call this week.

Mr. Esslinger, it falls to you... Did you make this call you claim? When? To whom?

Or are you trying to deceive Oshkosh voters for just long enough until the election Tuesday?


Anonymous said...

Are Esslinger's sleazeball actions typical of what we can expect if he's allowed to become our mayor? It sure seems like he and his friends will do anything and stoop as low as a snake's belly to get him into office. Frank Tower has my vote hands down.

Anonymous said...

Come on, we've known paul Esslinger for, what is it now, seven years? Would we expect anything more from him?

Archivista said...

"it would be difficult to prove that 50 hits came directly from that link"

Difficult to prove in what sense? It is likely that both the Northwestern and the city have logs of each click-through. Northwestern may or may not log them (though I suspect they do, if they guarantee 25000 impressions), but the city certainly does log, including referrer URLS.

Anonymous said...

If Paul actually called the State Elections Board to verify the legality of his ad link BEFORE it was placed, why did Jef Hall's complaint scare him into changing it? Something stinks here and it ain't the dead sheepshead in Lake Winnebago.

Hey Kent and Paul, you both may want to consider that expression Kent is so fond of telling others: "Always tell the truth, if for no other reason, it is the easiest thing to remember."

Anonymous said...

God forbid, the Northwestern, always known for accuracy, print "before" instead of "after."

You still haven't covered the part of the article about Tower making the same mistake. I realize you are not a journalist or even the wannabe from Eye on Only People Eye Don't Like, but come on. You are the representing leader of the Democratic Party in Winnebago County. You should be completely accurate or are the Democrats stooping so low for candidates that they have to tear opposition down to make their's look good? If that is the case, I am tearing up my membership.

Anonymous said...

Like 8:29 is really a member of the Dem party. Yeah right! They're so ridiculously stupid they can't see the difference between what Esslinger did and what Tower did.

As for the possibility the ONW made a mistake, here's why that's not likely. In the first place Esslinger would have been all over them for their mistake. (or is it a lie, Paul?). He might have even threatened to sue them over it. In the second place, if Paul had told them he called the SEB AFTER he placed his ad, that would've been so totally insignificant that I doubt the reporter would have mentioned it. This is just more Esslinger-Egomania and his mistaken belief that he's always right and his crap doesn't stink.

Anonymous said...

Methinks 8:28 has their boxers in a bundle. As usual, nothing more than a case of sour grapes. So sour they can't even make a decent "whine" with them.

Anonymous said...

Today Kent Monte is touting how he speaks the truth, obviously the cause of his failed campaign, and bemoaning his claim that he called Bethany Warner to complain about her "inaccuracy" in the story she wrote about Paul's ad, but she hasn't gotten back to him. Might she think he's irrelevant? Is this another case of a Misunderstood Monte? Is Paul such a coward he can't defend his own quotes? Or did they get their arse in a jam trying to cover it and now have to do even more damage control? Hmm...

BTW Kent, how's that complaint with the DA against Jef Hall coming? Or is this another case of Christian Gossett ignoring you too?

Anonymous said...

Why is Kent contacting Ms. Warner? He wasn't quoted in the article so what inaccuracy is he aware of -- was he listening on the phone during Ms. Warner's conversation with Mr. Esslinger??? If not then he doesn't know what is accurate and what is inaccurate!

Anonymous said...

An excellent point. You notice how Esslinger hasn't said squat? It's always Monte speaking for him. If Esslinger's elected mayor will Monte be the one quoted in the paper when something comes from the mayor? Will he be the one pushing the microphone buttons for Esslinger at the meetings? Or will he just carry around Paul's pop bottle and dusting off his chair for him before he sits down? Stay tuned, the most ridiculous is yet to come.

Anonymous said...

Nope, you have covered the ridiculous nicely

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody,

Did you hear the Knight Rider car is on sale? Has anyone called Kent Monte and Paul Esslinger yet to make sure it's being sold for just the right price?

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody!!!

Teresa Thiel is restricting to "team members only"!!

You all gave Monte 10 levels of hell for it. Oh yeah, he's conservative and Thiel is liberal. She is allowed.

Anonymous said...

Conservative? Liberal? Are you completely insane or just want us to think you are? Politial leanings have nothing to do with it. It's more possible it's about the Montes always shooting off their big traps and then getting worked up when they step inside them.

Example: Monte deserved what he got because he bitched incessantly about free speech being taken away by others and he was going to keep his blog open to free speech. I don't recall Teresa Thiel whining about any blogs that are moderated or restricted. Therein lies the difference 10:32. Get it?

Anonymous said...

In Kent Monte's last few postings he has painted himself as nothing but a martyr. He feels sorry for himself and may be able to round up a few others who will fall for he concept that he was somehow done wrong. Others just see him as comical.

Anonymous said...

Jef, it might interest you to know that Kent Monte is whining again on the ONW board about negativity that you and others caused in the days before the election.


He is such a hypocrite as was pointed out by some of the posters there.