Greg Palast on Bush's State of the Union Numbers

His website is here.

In his State of the Union, the President asked Congress for $300 million for poor kids in the inner city. As there are, officially, 15 million children in America living in poverty, how much is that per child? Correct! $20.

Here’s your second question. The President also demanded that Congress extend his tax cuts. The cost: $4.3 trillion over ten years. The big recipients are millionaires. And the number of millionaires happens, not coincidentally, to equal the number of poor kids, roughly 15 million of them. OK class: what is the cost of the tax cut per millionaire? That’s right, Richie, $287,000 apiece.

Mr. Bush said, “In neighborhoods across our country, there are boys and girls with dreams. And a decent education is their only hope of achieving them.”

So how much educational dreaming will $20 buy?

-George Bush’s alma mater, Phillips Andover Academy, tells us their annual tuition is $37,200. The $20 “Pell Grant for Kids,” as the White House calls it, will buy a poor kid about 35 minutes of this educational dream. So they’ll have to wake up quickly.

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Anonymous said...

I work for a wealthy individual who has a vacation estate. He is there maybe 30 days at the most per year. Do you want to know how much I spent on his behalf in 2007 keeping up just this one property?

1 million dollars.

Landscapers, irrigation, HVAC upgrades, TAXES, marine expenses, cleaners, pavers, vehicle upkeep, plumbers, electricians, it goes on and on. That does not include my salary and generous fringe benefits.

I have no problem giving tax cuts to wealthy individuals. They keep me, and MANY others employed.

Tell your poor inner city folks to come GET the money, and stop expecting it to be handed out.