Stew's Right, Again

Credit where credit is due, this is a great column:

Stew Rieckman column: Reply to all: Get past superficial to find real Oshkosh
The subject line of the e-mail is: "You know you're from Oshkosh when

You can visit three world-class museums for pocket change.

You can wile away a Saturday morning browsing the collections at a great municipal library

You can enjoy the Thursday night summer music festival at a river front amphitheater, walk two blocks to your car and be home in five minutes.

You can choose from one of two excellent YMCA and watch your children enjoy indoor soccer, ice-skating, rock climbing, swimming and other activities in a wholesome environment.

You can go downtown to find a "thing-a-ma-gig" for your weekend project and get knowledgeable, friendly assistance from a clerk at Kitz and Pfeil.

You can stroll the Gallery Walk in downtown, explore the unique variety of shops and develop an appreciation for the eclectic art community in Oshkosh.

He has a bunch more here.

It is nice to see an appreciation of what Oshkosh has to offer. He also challenges people to add their own. Go here to do that.

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