Another Quote From the Hopper Interview: Does WI have too few workers & too many manufacturing jobs?

In the words of candidate Randy Hopper: another greatest hit from the WI Eye interview:

Mercury Marine is critical to our economy. We need to be able to entice people to come to our community so they have a healthy workforce to choose from because the last thing you want is them going, you know what? We’re going to have an employee shortage in Fond Du Lac County in the next 10 years due to baby boomers retiring.
What happens when one shift shuts down because there are not enough workers to work that shift and those jobs go someplace else, whether overseas or elsewhere in the country. That will give the business owners pause to think, “Well, I can operate at full capacity in this facility so why don’t I take one more shift?” Then pretty soon you’ve got one shift and that operate says that it is not cost effective for us to run here and the jobs go elsewhere.

Maybe I am a little off here, but I do not think that the problem with Mercury marine right now is that there are not enough workers:

FOND DU LAC, Wis. -- Boat engine maker Mercury Marine said it will cut 60 jobs and temporarily shut down production in Fond du Lac.

The company has already announced layoffs at other facilities in the U.S.

Spokesman Steve Fleming said slow boat sales and the poor economy have forced the company to cut costs. He said more layoffs could be coming, but he didn't know how many.

Along with the layoffs announced Monday, Mercury Marine will shut down production for three weeks starting Aug. 28. Fleming says a two-week shutdown had been expected but a third week was being added.

He said salaried employees will keep working during the shutdown. Hourly workers will not.

Mercury Marine is a subsidiary of Brunswick Corp., based in Lake Forest, Ill.

We need someone in office that understands the forces at work in our local economy.

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