What Does Randy Hopper Stand For?

Interviewer: Are there any areas in which you break with the core Republican values?

Candidate Hopper: No. And I think that’s important.
There you have it, Randy Hopper is not going to be an independent voice in Madison. Candidate Hopper is going to be yet another partisan tool for the discredited Republican agenda.

Do you want higher health care costs? Do you want stagnant wages? Do you want lower taxes for the top 5% of Americans, while we see service and infrastructure cuts for all Americans.

If so vote Hopper, there is no single way in which he breaks with that agenda.

Are you happy with republican rule? From Bush to Katrina to our own do-nothing Assembly, we have seen the failure of the GOP agenda. Randy Hopper does not break with that at all.

I think that is important to know as well.


DS said...


Do you have a link to that Hopper quote?

I'd like to use it on my blog.




questionsaboutfaithetc said...

How do the candidates compare when going head to head on helping small business? Right now I think Randy is winning this battle. On other issues such as prolife/prochoice and gun rights he is seen as an extremist by many I believe.