The Billboard... and how the stimulus and Democratic Policy helps my community and small business.

I just finished an interview with Channel 5 Green Bay about the 'Impeach Obama' billboard. They received a statement from Mr. Wroblewski, who purchased it.

The statement read to the effect that he did not purchase it, but made the purchase with funds from an anonymous LLC of 'small businesses.' He said that this LLC knows that President Obama has done nothing impeachable, but that they wanted to make a statement.

My response was that if this anonymous LLC does not want to come forward and say who they are, then the entire statement has the credibility of an anonymous blog rant. It should be discounted as such.

I then took the reporter, Olga Halaburda, on a virtual tour of how the stimulus and Democratic Policy helps our community and small business:

- The house next door to mine was weatherized through a program funded by stimulus dollars. It is managed locally by Advocap, who had to double their weatherization staff because of the stimulus funding. Advocap also has hired local heating contractors to ensure the goals of the program are met, creating more jobs and keeping people working

On top of this, my neighbor will save on heating bills immediately, freeing up that money to be spent on other needs, as well as reducing dependence on fossil fuels and improving our local environment.

The stimulus funding was overwhelmingly opposed by Republicans in Congress; without which, these jobs and savings would not exist.

- I purchased my house in January of 2009, qualifying for the homebuyers tax rebate. With this refund, we had all the floors on the first floor stripped, sanded and resurfaced. To do this we hired a local, small business from the Fond du Lac area.

The next purchase was new carpeting. This was purchased from and installed by Sundquist's Flooring. The owner of this business lives 4-5 block away from me.

We also re-did the stairs, built a new closet, purchased a new hot water heater and front door. All purchased from and installed (the water heater) by local businesses. All items that would not have been done without the tax credit.

The Homebuyer's Tax Credit "passed... with nary a Republican vote;" without which, these purchases and installations would not have been made,

- I asked Ms. Halaburda to take note of Racette Ford on her way back to Green Bay. I drive past it everyday for work. A short time after 'Cash for Clunkers' passed, they had a mostly empty lot after a long build up of cars. In a OshNW story no longer online, they (Racette) 'hailed' the program.

'Cash for Clunkers' passed with only "7 Republicans voting for it." Without which, those car sales would not have happened.

- I also pointed to the Winnebago County Jail, which she would also pass on the way home. We recently approved the purchase of an absorption chiller to cool the jail with excess heat from burning landfill gas.

This will also save fossil fuel and pollution immediately, as well as pay off the investment in utility bill savings to the county in a few years.

Without the green energy provisions of the stimulus bill, this purchase, which will be built and installed by workers and businesses, would not have happened. These savings to the county on utilities would not happen.

The stimulus funding was overwhelmingly opposed by Republicans in Congress; without which, these jobs and savings would not exist.

Overall, the policies of the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress are helping your neighbors, your local businesses, your local governments and your environment.

An anonymous billboard can not negate this fact.

Update - WFRV Story:

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