Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

The Menasha Attorneys who purchased the 'Impeach Obama' Billboard are distancing themselves even farther from the act.

In a recent article in the OshNW, Thomas J. Wroblewski once again declared he does not stand behind the sign's statement, and will not produce a single name of a small business owner who does.

Two Menasha attorneys linked to an Oshkosh billboard calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama sought Monday to deflect the flak generated by the controversial sign.

Attorney Thomas J. Wroblewski said he and his father, Thomas S. Wroblewski, merely represent an unnamed company that rented the billboard and are not responsible for its message.

“It is nothing personal for my dad or me,” Wroblewski said. “It is a limited liability company that our firm represents. The company chose the location of the billboard and chose the language.”
Wroblewski said he could not divulge any details about the business owners.
“My instructions from my clients are not to disclose their identity,” he said.

Mr. Wroblewski also takes pains to let the press know that the message itself has no meaning:

He said the billboard, despite its language, is not meant to allege that Obama committed any particular impeachable offense.

The sign company that accepted the anonymous money fro the billboard also wants you to know they do not want anything to do with the message as well:

Jones Signs, which owns the billboard, sent a statement Monday afternoon to media outlets saying neither the company nor the Wroblewskis "necessarily agrees with the views represented on this billboard."
So, to summarize: this is an anonymous message that the agents admit has no truth or meaning by people not willing to stand behind it.

Why all the attention?

What we know:

FVB, LLC was organized as a Domestic Limited Liability Company by Thomas S. Wroblewski on 1/20/2010.

This was the only LLC organized by the Wroblewski's since WAES, LLC on 3/25/2009. It would seem this is the LLC that for the billboard.

It's Entity ID is F044362.

To get a copy of the "Articles of Organization - Domestic LLC - Form 502" from the state costs $170. I'm not willing to pay that.

If someone else has a way to get this, let me know.

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