New GOP 'Religious' Group Organizes Against....

...health care reform, affordable housing, rehabilitation for non-violent offenders instead of imprisonment, and fair treatment for immigrants.

legal restrictions on payday lending practices
Doesn't sound very Christian to me. To organize against an organization advocating those issues really means that this GOP 'Religious' Group is advocating for:

Keeping health care from the poor
Decent housing for the poor
Breaking up families by locking up non-violent offenders
Usury on those less fortunate

This is the message the GOP will carry into Nov 2010, and the vision they have for the Fox Valley, Wisconsin and America.

This is the vision of America they have when you hear the GOP talk about "pro-life/pro-family patriotic Christians" - they believe it is unpatriotic and un-Christian to be poor, non-white or down on your luck.

I am glad to have no part of it.

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