Is Julie Pung Leschke's Silence Part of a Bigger Pattern?

I (as well as the OshNW) have been trying to get Julie Pung Leschke (click on each of her names for a different post) to answer simple questions about where she stands on issues.

So far, these efforts have been for nothing.

It seems that I am not alone. It is part of a bigger pattern of Republicans ducking from voters and accountability.

Xoff has the details:

New GOP debate strategy: Duck and cover

Endangered Republican State Senators must be getting some advice from their caucus staffs campaign advisors along the lines of, "We can reduce the chances that you'll l say something stupid if you don't say anything at all."

First it was Tom Reynolds, backing out of a debate with Dem challenger Jim Sullivan for fear that someone would tape him and use his own words against him.

Now it's another GOP crackpot, Dave Zien, who was a no-show for a public radio debate with his primary opponent, Karen Anderson, even though he had agreed to be there. Pat Kreitlow, the Dem candidate, chided Zien, who was reportedly cutting a TV commercial instead of debating.

Zien's no-show was reminiscent of Mark Green campaign manager Mark Graul's failure to show up for a half hour on public radio awhile back.

Is there something about public radio that makes these guys shy, or is it just disdain for the public in general?

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