More on Silent Julie: OshNW does not get its wish for the 54th race:

Back in May, the OshNW wrote this:

Underheim's decision not to seek re-election leaves the 54th Assembly seat, which represents the 65,000-resident city of Oshkosh, up for grabs at a time when political parties are jockeying for power in the State Capitol.

It also leaves the candidates without an incumbent's record to jab at. It will be open season on some key issues.

Controversial campaign reform and government spending bills ground their way through the state legislative session. A legislative ethics measure died in the Republican Assembly. There may be continuing interest in restricting local and state government taxation. All are likely to remain lightning-rod campaign issues.

I hope that the Oshkosh Northwestern will continue to ask these questions about the candidates, and point out when answers are not given.

Gordon Hintz has stated his positions on these items, Julie Pung Leschke has not, and continues her silence.

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