Which Side Are You On?

This was from last months Winnebago Dems newsletter, I came across it working on this months. I'm not sure if I posted it previously, but in case I didn't, here it is:

Message From the Chair: Which Side Are You On?

There is a great old union song, one of my favorites called “Which Side Are You On”. It was written in response to a coal strike Harlan County, KY. The powerful, simple point of the song is that if you do not take a stand, you will be rolled over and left behind in this world. Whether it is in the labor battles, or the political arena, if we do not demand our rights and fairness, we will be lost.

The 3rd verse of the song is: “They say in Harlan County / There are no neutrals there. / You'll either be a union man / Or a thug for J. H. Blair (the local sheriff that was attempting to break the strike).”

This translates perfectly into today’s political battles. Which side are you on? Do you stand with Sen. Kohl for America’s elderly and workers, or the Republican opponent pushing yet more expensive healthcare. Do you stand with Sen. Feingold and defend our freedom, or with the irresponsible policies of the Bush administration?

Which side are you on? Will you stand with our Assembly Candidates who want to go to Madison and fight for campaign reform and a return to funding local services? Or by doing nothing, will you stand with the Republicans that are starving our schools, courts, counties and municipal services?

Are you with Democrats statewide that are fighting for equal rights for all Wisconsin families, or with the Winnebago Republican politicians: all of whom voted to write two sentences into our constitution making many of our friends and neighbors second-class citizens?

Will you stand with our Democratic candidates for Coroner and District Attorney, both of whom are fighting to restore dignity to tarnished offices?

We need your help now, the fall’s fighting has begun, and there is less than 100 days to go. As the song finishes: “Don't scab for the bosses, / Don't listen to their lies. / Us poor folks haven't got a chance / Unless we organize.”

Which side are you on? Call 920.230.6432 to volunteer.

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Ben Masel said...

"Do you stand with Sen. Feingold and defend our freedom,"

Does Senator Kohl?

You have a real choice in the Primary. That's me.