Silent Julie Also Obstructs

Progressive Majority has expanded on some of the post's I have made with this:

Jef Hall, a Progressive Majority Wisconsin-endorsed blogger (and Winnebago County Board Supervisor), asks if Julie Pung Leschke’s silence on ethics and campaign finance reform is part of a bigger pattern. Short answer: yes.

What's Left alerted us to a ghost in
Pung Leschke's past.

...she voted against putting a campaign finance reform referendum on the ballot
when she was on the Winnebago County Board in 2000....

That was July 25, 2000. Winnebago County Resolution 54-72000 sailed through 23-10 despite Leschke's best efforts. But that's only part of the story.

The referendum ultimately passed when only (cough) 92.3% of Winnebago County voted in favor of campaign finance reform.

92.3% !!!!!!!!!!!

And Julie Pung Leschke didn't even want voters to have a say.

What is it with conservatives who refuse to answer simple questions? Are they afraid of voters or just their own records?

More to come... The entire post is here.

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