Am American Car Company (Ford) Finally Gets It

In a conference call with reporters and industry analysts, Mulally called the latest earnings results unacceptable, but said he was encouraged by Ford’s progress in turning itself around by emphasizing more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Mulally seems to be putting Ford on a correct course. Let's hope it works.

Mulally said there’s a clear opportunity to return to profitability by building more vehicles that will sell across the globe, increasing productivity and quality, more collaboration with parts suppliers and unions, and accelerating efforts to reduce plant capacity to match lower consumer demand for Ford products.

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Big Ford Fan said...

Jef, I bumped into your blog and found it very interesting. I wanted to say, Yes Ford does "Get it" historically Ford Motor Company has been at the forefront of Alternative Fuel research, Alternative Materials and recycling of Automobiles. Now, just for the record, I don't work for Ford or even in the Auto Industry. But going back to Henry Ford himself, and his work with Soy products including fuels and plastics made from this renewable rescource and then flash forward to the present with Bill Ford Jr's push for Hybrids, Hydrogen, Bio Fuels and even recyclable cars ( Ford Model U Concept) it's obvious that Ford has the potential to be an American leader in the push to greener motoring.

Sure, they've made a ton of cash selling fuel gulping trucks an SUVs, but you just have to look at Ford's global lineup of Diesels and small cars as well as some of their recent concepts like the Reflex, to see that Ford could be the premier green vehicle producer.

I have tons of posts on my blogs http://myforddreams.blogspot.com and http://myforddreams2.blogspot.com that you can learn more about both their current innovations and their past work.

Have a great day,