Where's Tommy?

It was suggested in comments to last night's post that I use a different source than Wikipedia to assert Tommy Thompson's home address.

So I dug a little over lunch.

Well, Open Secrets has him living in many different places!

For a contribution to Gard, he was a Wisconsin Resident:

THOMPSON, TOMMY - MADISON,WI 53718 - AKIN GUMP/CONSULTANT - 2/21/2006 - $2,000 - Gard, John

But, when contributing to his office's PAC, he lived in DC:

THOMPSON, TOMMY - WASHINGTON,DC 20036 - AKIN GUMP/ATTORNEY - 3/22/2006 - $1,000 - Akin, Gump et al

Yet, in an even more recent donation to Orrin Hatch, he lives in Virginia:

THOMPSON, TOMMY G - ALEXANDRIA,VA 22302 - AKIN, GUMP, STRAUSS, ET AL/PARTNER - 6/21/2006 - $1,000 - Hatch, Orrin G

Someone make sure he only votes in the place he lives 10 days before the election. Wouldn't Voter ID bills allow him to easily vote in all 3 places if he had 3 driver licenses?

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