Post-Crescent Endorses Doyle, Says Green Lacks "either credibility or accountability"

Editorial: Doyle deserves vote
Gov. Jim Doyle inherited a fiscal mess when he took office in 2002 — a $3.2 billion budget deficit. Four years and two budgets later, there's less of a mess. The budget is still a problem, but Doyle has made strides in fixing the problem.

At the same time, he has — working with and against the Republican-led Legislature — protected K-12 education funding, accommodated rising medical assistance costs and functioned as a goaltender to stop some bad legislation from becoming law.

Republican challenger Mark Green, the House 8th District representative, blames Doyle for anything and everything. From rising health care costs to instances of job losses to rising college tuition to the Green Bay Packers' slide — just kidding about that last one — Green pins it on the current governor, conveniently avoiding the Legislature's shared responsibility.

But many of Green's proposals for fixing Wisconsin's problems lack either credibility or accountability. Obviously, he's never been through the budget process as governor, but he doesn't offer a clear picture of what he would have to do to make the budget balance.

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