Is the Republican Party of Wisconsin Supporting Tasteless Ads in Sheboygan?

The Sheboygan Press has the story out today about Republican Assembly Candidate Job Hou-Seye and his tasteless if not racist ad and actions in his campaign.

Here is what the Press says about the ad:

A racially-themed radio ad and posts to an online political forum have raised questions about Job Hou-Seye's campaign for the 26th Assembly District.

The radio ad, running on WHBL-AM (1330), is a conversation between a man with an exaggerated Mexican accent and a woman about who they'll vote for in that race. Hou-Seye, a Republican, is challenging incumbent Democratic Rep. Terry Van Akkeren for the state Assembly seat. Both are from Sheboygan.

In the ad, which began running Oct. 18, the man, voiced by Hou-Seye, says he'll vote for Van Akkeren because Van Akkeren voted against preventing illegal aliens from receiving welfare. The woman - the voice of Hou-Seye's wife, Wendy - counters that Van Akkeren voted 100 percent for pro-choice issues and asks whether welfare for illegal aliens is more important than the lives of the unborn.

Other examples of Hou-Seye's behavior include:

In a posting to sheboygantalk.com dated Sept. 14, Hou-Seye jokingly refers to the mother of another contributor as "more of a mattress-back than a wet-back."

How does this come back to the RPW? It is true that the parties do not chose who runs under their banner, anyone who collects thnecessaryry signatures can claim any party as they run.

But, the RPW does choose who they fund. And in Hou-Seye's last report, he lists a $500 contribution from the RPW.

PAC and Political Committee Contributions* to:
Job E. Hou-Seye (R) - Assembly District 26
January 1, 2005 through August 28, 2006
PAC - Interest - Amount
Republican Party of Wisconsin - Political/Ideological - $500.00

They have chosen him. He's their guy. They are financing his statements.

They should be ashamed.

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