Breaking News?

The OshNW has this item under the heading "BREAKING NEWS":

Lender foreclosing on 100 block apartment building

BB Syndication Services, the commercial lending arm of Banker’s Bank, has initiated foreclosure action on the apartment building at 100 N. Main St.

The Madison-based bank filed its initial paper work on June 29, and a receiver was appointed to oversee the building’s day-to-day operations on Tuesday by Winnebago County Circuit Court Judge Barbara Key.

More on my opinion on the 100 Block later, but first just a simple question:

How is a report on July 13th about a case filed June 29th and before a judge on July 10th considered "BREAKING NEWS"?

Shouldn't the banner read: "WE'RE ONLY 3 DAYS TO 2 WEEKS BEHIND"?

That said, I think the key to this story is Ben Ganther. I will go on record that the 100 Block is good for Oshkosh. I like the development, I love Cranky Pat's and have attended several nice events on the patio.

There is no reason for it not to be successful, it seems to me.

Other than one thing: Ben Ganther. It was mis-managed. Hopefully the new management group will bring some competence to this endeavor.

I believe we have seen similar mis-management in other projects he has been involved with.

I believe in Oshkosh, I believe in new development for Oshkosh. And I hope that Mr. Ganther's poor record does not doom some of the great ideas and projects that are going on in Oshkosh right now.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jef, here's something for your Paul Esslinger/Kent Monte Hypocrisy Watch.

Kent Monte is claiming bragging rights on his blog for saying "I told you so" on the 100 block project. What his message is really saying is he's a liar. He didn't own property in Oshkosh until July 2002 and the 100 block-Ganther decision was made in 2001. Besides no one even heard of Kent Monte until his first run for office 2 years ago.

Anyone can say "I told you so." But if you never actually TELL anyone, it doesn't count for much and you just look like a fool.