Diversity is important in government and business...

A few years ago, we had a discussion in Oshkosh about the importance of diversity as it relates to city government.

I argued that someone who does not believe in diversity should not be the leader of our city.

It looks like the New North agrees with me:

Leaders from New North, Inc. the regional economic development hub of Northeastern Wisconsin, are continuing efforts to highlight the importance of workplace diversity in the region.

An article in the July 9 edition of USA Today, entitled “Companies Ramp Up Diversity Like Never Before,” singled out Procter and Gamble and Weyerhaeuser for proactively seeking diversity in their respective workforces. Both companies are large employers in the region, as Procter and Gamble has a strong manufacturing presence in Green Bay, and Weyerhaeuser operates plants in both Green Bay and Manitowoc.

“In order for our region to remain competitive in the global marketplace, diversity and understanding the importance of supporting the needs of a diverse workforce are essential for our success,” said Jerry Murphy, Executive Director of the New North, Inc.

Something to remember come election time. Understanding both economic, ethnic and social diversity is the first step to truly representing an organization, whether it is to voters, customers or prospective businesses.

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Anonymous said...

Let's not confuse diversity with a covert act to promote affirmative action. Even minorities acknowledge that affirmative action is wrong. Policies that hire just because of skin color is discrimination not diversity. Hire based on qualifications not if an employer has enough Hmong, Blacks, or Mexicans or too many whites. Playing the numbers game only furthers separation and isolation of minority groups.

And that is the opinion of an Indian woman!