Republicans to Protest Taxes... From the deck of an 85-foot yacht

You can't make this stuff up:

Republican Party of Ozaukee County "Boston Tea Party"
21st Century style"Wine and Appetizer Sail"

Join us aboard the 85ft long tall ship "Appledore IV", for a little fun, whine and relaxation, as we set sail out of Port Washington to enjoy a two-hour adventure on Lake Michigan in protest of Wisconsin's High Taxes. While sailing, we will hear from a special guest speaker about our high Wisconsin taxes and what is being done about them; and, have the opportunity to participate in our very own Ozaukee County Tea Party.

(Note: the spelling of 'wine' as 'whine' is from their website. Freud...?)

As Republicans sail on their luxury yacht to protest 'high taxes' in the Assembly budget these same Republicans:

- cut nearly $12 million in tuition remission funding from Wisconsin veterans
- eliminated state funding for Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television
- deleted one-time funding for an infant mortality project in Racine County
- deleted the funding increase for breast cancer and cervical cancer screening services
- dramatically reduces funding for domestic violence victims
- cuts aid to poor first-time mothers who are in the third trimester of an at-risk pregnancy and are unable to work
- rejects provisions to require insurance policies to cover autism spectrum disorders
- reduces funding for foster care by $1.6 million
- deletes $1 million in funding for civil legal services for the indigent
- cuts funding for domestic abuse grants by about $1.3 million
- slash over $133 million from the UW System, including $26.4 million from Higher Education Grants that keep tuition affordable for lower income students
- lay off over 1,700 teachers
- slash more than $58 million from the funds our communities use to pay for police and fire protection
- cut what schools could spend per pupil by $64

However, it includes:
- tax cuts for venture capitalists
- health care savings accounts for those who can all ready afford their healthcare

I would hope that Wisconsin Republican's take to heart FDR's quote:

"It is an unfortunate human failing that a full pocketbook often groans more loudly than an empty stomach."

And realize that those who find misery on 85-foot yacht deserve no sympathy from those who find hunger or sickness in old-age, poverty and illness.


Anonymous said...

The boat is rented and open to the public for excusions much like the Fin and Feather in Winneconne. It isn't owned by the Republican Party.

If you're going to bitch, at least get it right and tell the whole story.

Or maybe you are jealous.

Anonymous said...

Too bad FDR was completely right. If you have the money to get noticed, do it. Hopefully for the greater good.

Other Side said...

1st Anony: What a pathetic human being you must be. Your kind are the ones who would have watched Rome burn from the safety of your mansions and thought it entertainment.

Ben Masel said...

AUGUST 5 - Lake Michigan Yacht Boarded by Pirates, appetizers eaten, Ozaukee Repubs walk plank at swordpoint.

Anonymous said...

Read your history. Rome deserved to burn for their atrocities committed against millions across the known world.